To:  All Judges, Registers, Assistant Registers, Judicial Case Managers, Assistant Judicial Case Managers, and Administrative Deputy Assistants:

Attached please find a notice concerning the 2nd release of revised MUPC Estate forms.  There are two new documents: MPC 855, Instructions for the Petition for Complete Settlement and MPC 973, a Checklist for Sale of Real Estate.  All other forms are revised versions of existing forms.

These forms, with the exception of the citations, are on the internet and intranet sites as of today, but are not effective until March 1, 2017.  The revised forms will be accepted for filing on or after the effective date of 3/1/2017. Current forms are available for use until 2/28/2017. The court  will extend a 2-week grace period to accept current forms for filing until 3/15/2017.  The revised citations will be available in Mass Courts on March 1, 2017.

notice mupc round 2 forms-instructions release 2-17-17