Service Awards

Massachusetts Bar Association Community Service Awards

The Massachusetts Bar Association Community Service Award is given to attorneys who:

  1. Have performed an act or acts of outstanding public service within the community
  2. Are members, in good standing, of the nominating bar association and MBA
  3. Are in good legal standing as attorneys (judges are not eligible for this award)

In addition to the criteria listed above, the Massachusetts Bar Association Executive Management Board (EMB) must
approve the nominee, per the Awards Task Force Report dated August 14, 2002. Consequently, in
order to ensure that an award is prepared in time for the requested presentation date, please
submit nominations in time to be reviewed at the EMB meeting prior to your event (See schedule

Once a nominee is approved, the person submitting the nomination will be notified and an Massachusetts Bar Association Officer will present an award to the nominee.

When submitting a nominee, please include:

  • Completed Nomination Form
  • Nominee’s resume
  • A detailed summary of the reasons for nomination
  • The date/location of the presentation event

All nominations and questions about this award are to be submitted to:

Patricia Anne Olier
Bar Services Liaison
Massachusetts Bar Association
1441 Main Street, Suite 925
Springfield, MA 01103

Tel: (617) 338-0596
Fax: (413) 731-5915

Berkshire County Recipients of the Award

2007: Donald W. Goodrich

2006: Michael E. MacDonald

2005: George B. Crane

1999: Bruce D. Grinnell

1998: Phillip F. Heller

1997: C. Jeffrey Cook

1996: Robert M. Fuster

1995: Edward G. McCormick

1994: Imelda C. LaMountain

1993: Mark S. Gold

1993: Sarah H. Bell

1992: John D. Lanoue

1991: Guy A. Pellegrinelli

1990: P. Keyburn Hollister

1989: David O. Burbank

1988: Timothy J. Morey

1987: Louis J. Oggiani

1986: John B. DeRosa

1985: Paul V. Donahue

1984: Cynthia A. Spinola