Peter Alessio

Attorney Peter Alessio's Profile

Name Attorney Peter Alessio
Firm The Law Office of Peter C. Alessio
Mailing Address 75 South Church Street
Suite 550
Pittsfield, MA 01201
Phone (413) 822-0704
Fax (413) 449-1414

School & Affilations

Law School Suffolk University Law School
Year Graduated 1983
Year Admitted to MA 1983
Admitted Other States
Primary Affiliation Berkshire
Other Affilations


Practice Areas Collections, Criminal, Family Law & Divorce, Juvenile
Comments about Practice I limit my practice to trial work of various types (Divorce and Family Law, Criminal Defense, Real Estate Disputes, Business Disputes, General Civil Litigation) so as to better serve my clients. In addition, I write Qualified Domestic Relations and similar orders and assist with post divorce asset transfers.