Julia Rueschemeyer

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Name Attorney Julia Rueschemeyer
Email juliarueschemeyer@msn.com
Firm Attorney Julia Rueschemeyer Divorce Mediation
Mailing Address 75 Market St, Floor 3

Springfield, MA 01103
Phone 413-885-9338

School & Affilations

Law School University of Pennsylvania School of Law
Year Graduated 1991
Year Admitted to MA 2001
Admitted Other States Pennsylvania, California, New York
Primary Affiliation Berkshire
Other Affilations Hampden


Practice Areas
Comments about Practice I specialize in divorce mediation, collaborative law divorce, and family law legal consulting. I am a skilled negotiator, whether mediating between you and your spouse or negotiating with your spouse's attorney. I treat all parties in negotiations with respect. I will work with you to arrive at solutions regarding child support, custody, visitation, parenting plans, property division, debt division and spousal support issues. I use only non-adversarial processes—mediation and collaborative law divorce—which emphasize open, respectful communication. These methods of reaching agreements avoid the high costs, delays, and interpersonal conflict and stress that are typical of litigation through the courts.
Mediation In divorce mediation, I serve as a neutral facilitator who helps you and your spouse discuss and come to agreement on a range of issues. Decisions regarding parenting schedules, housing, assets, and finances can feel overwhelming to couples considering divorce; I am experienced in helping you to address these issues step-by-step in ways that allow you to come to agreement. Our common goal is to create an agreement that works for both of you as well as other family members affected by the divorce.