2007: Donald W. Goodrich
Attorney Goodrich performed community service work locally and internationally in building a school for girls in Afghanistan following 9-11 

2006: Michael E. MacDonald
Attorney McDonald was a major player in the renovation of the Colonial Theater in Pittsfield, MA

2005: George B. Crane
Attorney Crane was acknowledged for his years of service to individuals who suffered with substance abuse 

1999: Bruce D. Grinnell

1998: Phillip F. Heller

1997: C. Jeffrey Cook

1996: Robert M. Fuster

1995: Edward G. McCormick

1994: Imelda C. LaMountain

1993: Mark S. Gold

1993: Sarah H. Bell

1992: John D. Lanoue

1991: Guy A. Pellegrinelli

1990: P. Keyburn Hollister

1989: David O. Burbank

1988: Timothy J. Morey

1987: Louis J. Oggiani

1986: John B. DeRosa

1985: Paul V. Donahue

1984: Cynthia A. Spinola