Hi Everyone;

As you know, our building is closed to the public. At this time, we are continuing to meet submitters at the front door to collect and record documents. I am strongly suggesting that everyone sign up for electronic recording with at least one of the companies listed below. I am waiting to hear if any of these companies will waive its annual fee, but you can certainly inquire yourselves as well.

The thing is, none of us know what next week or the week after will look like. I want you to understand that, at some point, there is a very good possibility that electronic recording will be our only recording option. For the first time in the history of registry recordings, modern technology has enabled registry staff members to record from their homes. We have been testing this procedure all week and it seems to be working well.

Until ordered otherwise, we are working with a skeleton crew here at the registry while other staff members work from home. Currently, we are receiving regular mail delivery, as well as express mail options. If we are ordered to vacate the building, not only will your option to hand-deliver documents cease, but it will also preclude us from receiving any mail delivery whatsoever.

At this time, there are no options to electronically register any Land Court documents at this registry, and I doubt that situation will change during this crisis. If registry staff is not present in the registry offices, Land Court documents cannot be registered until we return. At this time, If you’d like to email your Land Court documents for our review prior to bringing them over, please call for the name of the staff member available to receive your document.

Before bringing documents to the Registry front door:

  1. Please review documents carefully for errors because we cannot make corrections without your permission, and you’re no longer present while we’re recording for you.
  2. Please provide us with your cell phone number.
  3. Please make sure you discuss all matters pertaining to your documents when you call to say you’re at the door because we cannot carry-on conversations at the front door.
  4. Please be prepared to drop your documents into the basket brought to you by a registry staff member and keep a safe distance (6 feet) from registry staff member.


Simplifile: (800) 460-5657

CSC: (866) 652-0111

EPN: (888) 325-3365

Things are definitely challenging for all of us since this pandemic was declared last week. I hope we all stay well while we do our best to flatten the curve.



Patricia M. Harris

Berkshire Middle District Registry of Deeds